Dive Into Español

Learning Spanish is overwhelming. You’ve tried before and you know it’s a mountain of work.

But the journey to fluency is also exciting!

You get these amazing moments of clarity. Like when you are in another country and someone is speaking to you in Spanish, and you somehow understand everything that they are saying.

Maybe you haven’t had those yet, but when you do, you’ll know how good that realization feels.

Here at Dive Into Español, I help you get to that natural state of listening in Spanish in the fastest, most efficient and fun way possible. Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be a chore. So its time to stop treating it like one.

What I make

The Listening Reading App:

The most efficient and fun way to developing your Spanish listening skills. Builds on the ultra fast Listening-Reading method. Listen to over 35 audiobooks in Spanish with accompanied time synchorized direct English translations.

The Blog:

From analyzing the most popular Spanish learning methods, to guides on immersing your free time in Spanish, I’ll share the best tips to making Spanish learning fun and efficient.

Who I am

My Journey here

My name is Garner and I’m long time Spanish learner. After taking Spanish class after Spanish class in high school and a semester in college, I still wasn’t able to understand Spanish. So I decided to break the trend and try new ways to make breakthroughs in the language, while also keeping it fun.

Over a couple of years, I tried different learning methods like Duolingo, government language program tapes like FSI, and even online tutoring sessions, until I finally found the most effective and fun one for me, the Listening-Reading method.

Coupled with my passion for software development, I decided to make this Spanish learning method into a full-fledged app with a diverse library of books, a dead simple interface and one that’s super accessible for anyone with an internet connection.

I quickly finished the rough (very, very rough) prototype, and so it was time to get to learning. I ate my own dogfood and used the app as my sole method of learning for six months. I went from not being able to understand any spoken Spanish to being able to have a regular conversation in Spanish for over an hour. It was a mindblowing experience, and I couldn’t understand why more people weren’t using this method. I decided that I had to share this with other Spanish learners so I polished the app's interface to its current form.

By no means am I fluent yet. I think that’ll take a concentrated amount of time being full immersed in a Spanish speaking country. But I’m leaps and bounds farther than what I was a year ago. As I continue to progress, I want to share my successes and my mistakes on this blog so that others can learn what really works for Spanish learning.

About Garner

Aside from all of that, I live in New York City with my wife Abril (my main motivation for learning Spanish) and my mischevious cat Norman. I work as a software engineer during the day and when I’m not learning Spanish in the evening, I’m most likely playing basketball, making beer, or hanging around town with my buddies.